Archive | 2013 | Issue 3

Groundwater quality assessment based on entropy-weighted fuzzy WQI
Peiyue Li*, Jianhua Wu, Hui Qian
Volume 4(3):1-9,2013

The Evolution of Ecological Health Assessments of Chesapeake Bay: Towards an Ecosystem Services Index
Michael R. Williams*
Volume 4(3):10-28,2013

Testing taxonomic sufficiency in subtidal benthic communities of an anthropized coastal zone: Río de la Plata (Uruguay)
Analía Marrero*, Natalia Venturini, Leticia Burone, Felipe García-Rodríguez, Ernesto Brugnoli, Marcel Rodríguez, Pablo Muniz*
Volume 4(3):29-45,2013

Towards establishing a human fecal contamination index in microbial source tracking
Yiping Cao1, Charles Hagedorn, Orin C. Shanks, Dan Wang, Jared Ervin, John F. Griffith, Blythe A. Layton, Charles D. McGee, Timothy E. Riedel, Stephen B. Weisberg*
Volume 4(3):46-58,2013

Direct Vermicomposting of Vegetable Waste Using the Concept of High-rate Vermireactor Operation
M. Nayeem Shah, S. Gajalakshmi, S. A. Abbasi*
Volume 4(3):59-65,2013

Estimation of biomass and carbon stocks in tropical dry forests in Sivagangai District, Tamil Nadu, India
S.M. Sundarapandian*, Javid Ahmad Dar, D. Sanjay Gandhi, Srinivas Kantipudi, K. Subashree
Volume 4(3):66-76,2013

Pd,N codoped visible light active TiO2; A highly efficient photocatalyst for the conversion of Anthracenemethanol to Anthraquinone
K M Mothi, K P Sandhya, A H Salim, S Sugunan*
Volume 4(3):77-84,2013

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