Archive | 2013 | Issue 2

Study of precipitaion's influence on potentia atmospheric pollution by suspended matters
Daulbayeva Аlmira Nurlanovna*, Suleymenova Naziya Schukenovna
Volume 4(2):1-7,2013

Prediction of Speciated Particulate Matter and Bias Assessment of Numerical Output Data
L.B. Smith*, M. F. Fuentes, B.J. Reich, B.K. Eder
Volume 4(2):8-17,2013

Application and sensitivity analysis of two screening dispersion models (SCREEN3 AND AERSCREEN) for a ground-level area source
P. Nimmatoori, A. Kumar*
Volume 4(2):18-29,2013

Effect of Stone Crusher dust on Butea monosperma (Lam.) (Bastard Teak)
Jitin Rahul*
Volume 4(2):30-34,2013

A Comparative Analysis of Sensory qualities of Organic and Chemically Fertilized Onion
Jaya Sharma*, Sunita Agarwal
Volume 4(2):35-40,2013

Prediction of PM10 Concentrations by Stepwise Artificial Neural Networks
José C.M. Pires*, Maria C.M. Alvim-Ferraz, Maria C. Pereira, Fernando G. Martins
Volume 4(2):41-47,2013

Attitudes towards mobile phone recycling and disposing options among mobile phone users of Delhi: A case study
Devika Bajpai, Arvind K. Nema, Poonam Ahluwalia*
Volume 4(2):48-56,2013

Greenbelts for effective control of air pollution: concept and design
Tasneem Abbasi, S. M. Tauseef, F. I. Khan, S. A. Abbasi*
Volume 4(2):57-71,2013

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