Archive | 2013 | Issue 1

CO2 emission estimation and prediction of public transportation in Suzhou, China
Beibei Zhang, Samuel T. Ariaratnam*, Youliang Huang
Volume 4(1):01-11,2013

Gender and vulnerability to climate variability and change impacts on smallholder farmers in Zimbabwe
Chipo Plaxedes Mubaya*, Jemimah Njuki, Eness Paidamoyo Mutsvangwa, Francis Themba Mugabe
Volume 4(1):12-19,2013

Earthworms - Nature’s biofilters of wastewaters on earth: An innovative study on vermifiltration of fruit juice industries wastewater
Rajiv K. Sinha1*, Brijal K. Soni, Vinod Chandran, Upendra Patel
Volume 4(1):20-30,2013

Types and integration of environmental assessment and monitoring plans
J. Burger*, M. Gochfeld, C. W. Powers, J. Clarke, D. Kosson
Volume 4(1):31-51,2013

Organic farming vs Chemical farming: Food Wealth or Food Misery
Jaya Sharma*, Sunita Agarwal
Volume 4(1):52-56,2013

Environmental Audit as an Environmental Sustainability Tool in Indian Scenario
Prajakta U. Waghe, M.D. Choudhary, N.S. Raman*
Volume 4(1):57-68,2013

Ozone hole spreads farther: its history and its lessons
Tasneem Abbasi, S. M. Tauseef, S.A. Abbasi*
Volume 4(1):69-75,2013

Atmospheric Photochemical Ozone Formation in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia
Mahmoud Fathy El-Sharkawy*
Volume 4(1):76-83,2013

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